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Buying, building, tuning, and racing hobby quality electric and nitro gas powered remote control cars and trucks is one of the fastest growing hobbies enjoyed by people of all ages all around the world and here's why...

Unlike toy remote controlled cars, hobby quality remote control cars and trucks are tuneable with various parts and accessories, amazingly fast, (many have top speeds over 45 mph!) and very durable.

In fact, I've seen vehicles jumped from the roofs of houses and land perfectly without a scratch, but don't try that at home! You can also race them in organized competition at specially made tracks all around the world but best of all, they're much more fun. After all, many of these kits feature...

  • Real working and tunable nitro engines and fast electric motors

  • Infinitely adjustable suspensions with oil-filled shocks and springs

  • Changeable gearing and smooth differentials just like full-sized cars

  • Special nitro fuel, high horsepower nitro engines, tuned exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, and air filters for the nitro gas powered rc cars

  • High powered batteries and variable electronic speed controls for the electric battery powered rc cars and trucks

    Beginner's Guide...

    Nitro RC Cars
    A beginner's guide to nitro gas powered remote control cars and trucks.

    Electric RC Cars
    A beginner's guide to electric radio control cars and trucks.

    Racing Tips And Reviews...

    You just can't beat Radio Control Car Action Magazine, Radio Control Nitro, and R/C Car Magazine for informative tuning and racing articles, tips, and reviews of the most popular rc cars and trucks available today. These magazines are the most popular print magazines in the industry and highly recommended.

    How to Get Started With the Hobby...

    I recommend beginners start with a ready to run vehicle. Ready to Run (commonly referred to as RTR) vehicles give you all the benefits of a hobby quality kit including the speed, realism, tunability, and upgradeability without the hassle or time involved in building the kit.

    The other option is to buy a kit and build it yourself and actually building the kit is one of the most fun parts of the hobby. Don't worry, it's pretty easy if you follow the instructions that come with your kit.

    Believe me, it's a truly rewarding experience to know that you did it all yourself. I usually build the kits I plan to race and buy my backyard bashers as ready to run but the decision is yours and either way you can't go wrong.

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