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Hobby quality radio control rc cars and trucks are fast growing in popularity over toy remote control cars you find in stores because they feature fast, highly realistic, tunable, and powerful nitro engines and electric motors, tunable suspensions, and have average speeds of 35 to 45 mph for the offroad rc cars and trucks while some onroad rc car kits that are made strictly for top speed can reach 70+ mph straight out of the box!

The most popular class of vehicles are 1/10th scale trucks and you can get larger 1/8th scale kits, smaller scaled mini rc cars, and various other sizes.

However, the best vehicle for YOUR needs is dependent upon your intended use. Offroad radio controlled cars and trucks allow you to race almost anywhere and can handle the abuse of large jumps and uneven terrain, while onroad r/c cars are built for the ultimate in speed.

You have a choice between a nitro or electric, onroad or offroad, and ready to run or build-it-yourself kits.

In general, nitro rc cars are faster, more powerful, and more realistic but a little more advanced while electric rc cars are quick and nimble and easier for beginners to get started. Ready to run kits are excellent for beginners in nitro or electric. However, building the kit yourself is also a good option if you have the time and patience and the experience comes in handy when it's time to rebuild or repair your kit. Actually, most ready to run kits include an instruction manual with full building details so you can tear it down and rebuild it if you'd like.

Recommended Hobby Quality RC Cars And Trucks

Team Associated makes excellent kits for both beginners and pros by offering high performance nitro and electric race ready build-it-yourself kits plus ready to run versions of their most popular kits.

Traxxas specializes in ready to run radio controlled cars and trucks.

Thunder Tiger specializes in 1/8th scale nitro vehicles.

Team Losi specializes in race ready competition vehicles.

Tamiya offers extremely realistic and detailed kits.

CEN Racing offers fun ready to read onroad and offroad nitro gas powered rc cars and trucks for beginners.

HPI Racing offers popular racing and ready to run kits like the HPI Savage.

Recommended Toy RC Cars And Trucks

Mini rc cars are a much cheaper alternative to the hobby quality rc cars and trucks, these mini rc cars are quite popular as well and make great gifts.


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