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RC Car Action, RC Nitro, and R/C Car Magazine are the three largest and best selling printed rc car magazines. These rc car magazines review just about all the kits, parts, and accessories that come out from every manufacturer.

But who reviews the magazines? RC Car Talk, of course!
So let's start off with the largest magazine in the rc car hobby...

Radio Control Car Action Magazine

This magazine covers a wide variety of topics in the remote control car hobby to help you tune, race, and maintain your vehicle with special sections like reader's rides and tech tips with pictures and reviews of many popular rc cars and trucks in every issue. Its 12 monthly issues are arguably the most popular of all the rc car magazines and highly recommended for ANY rc car enthusiast whether you're a beginner or experienced hardcore racer.

RC Car Action is what first got me started in this hobby and many years later I'm still a happy paying subscriber!

You can subscribe to Radio Control Car Action online here...

R/C Car Magazine

RC Car Magazine

RC Car Magazine was started by a few of the original editors and contributors to Radio Control Car Action.

Ever since then, this new magazine has steadily grown in popularity and if you like Radio Control Car Action, you'll probably like this one as well. It focuses a bit more on the racing enthusiast side of the hobby than RC Car Action. Better yet, it's cheaper too!

You can subscribe to R/C Car Magazine online here...

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