Team Losi RC Cars And Trucks

Team Losi rc cars and trucks are fully race ready vehicles. They offer an electric onroad sedan in the XXX-S, the XXX-T electric off road truck, the XXX electric off road 1/10th scale buggy, and the XXX-NT nitro gas powered truck and have won many national and world championships with their vehicles.

They compete head to head with other popular manufacturers like Team Associated in world races because it helps get attention and fame as having the best built vehicles in the world.

They come out with new vehicles rather quickly so if you're the type who gets bored with a kit fast and have cash to spend on a new vehicle every year, you'll have many options and can stick with the same manufacturer.

Their sponsored drivers are some of the best (and best paid) drivers in the world and are regular top ten finishers at national and world races. With Team Losi, you at least know your equipment's not at fault if you don't end up in the winner's circle!

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