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Choosing, Buying, Tuning, and Racing
Electric Battery Powered R/C Cars and Trucks

Electric rc cars and trucks are powered by electric batteries assembled into battery packs. You can buy them as ready to run or build-it-yourself kits.

These battery powered vehicles are relatively easy to own and maintain as compared to nitro rc cars and popular with beginners as well as experienced rc car enthusiasts. Here's a few tips on choosing, buying, tuning, and racing hobby quality electric rc car kits...

Choosing And Buying An Electric RC Car or Truck

Team Associated Offroad Electric Buggy

The important thing to remember when buying remote control cars is to choose a vehicle that suits your needs, budget, and the conditions in which you plan to run the kit. There are kits available for onroad and offroad, different sizes, and many different styles including stadium trucks, rc monster trucks, buggies, sedans, and other popular rc cars and trucks from many different manufacturers.

I recommend beginners start with a vehicle from a reputable hobby quality manufacturer like Team Associated, HPI, and Traxxas but there are also cheaper toy style kits from companies like Tyco and Nikko available.

Ready to run kits are great for beginners. They come prebuilt and with just about everything you need to get started. For electric rc cars and trucks, this should at least include a motor, a radio, servo, receiver, and an electronic speed control for sending the power from the batteries to the motor. If you decide to go with a build-it-yourself kit, make sure these items come in the kit or purchase them separately.

Where to Buy?

There are some excellent online rc hobby shops with quality rc car kits, parts, and accessories for sale and they often sell at prices much lower than regular stores which is why I recommend buying rc cars online.

In fact, their online prices are often even lower than you will find at their retail stores! Make sure you choose a reputable hobby shop because they not only offer competitive prices but ship fast, offer secure online ordering, and good customer service as well.

Tuning and Racing Electric RC Cars And Trucks

Electric MotorThe electric motor can be tuned for more speed or power but requires proper break-in from the start to get it to give it's best performance. You create less heat and premature wear and tear by breaking in your motor properly. I've seen various exotic methods of breaking in the motor but I've found that it is only really necessary to run the vehicle with the motor in it but with the wheels off of the ground and the radio control pulled about 1/4 of the way for about 5 minutes. That should get the brushes fully seated to the commutator with less wear and tear and allow the motor to reach its full potential longer.

Electric Motor Armature and CommutatorDon't forget to break in the motor again if you change the brushes on it! As a general rule, you should get a new motor after you go through about five or so pairs of brushes more or less depending on if it's just for fun or if it's a motor you plan on using for competitive races. If it's one of the expensive modified motors, you can experiment with getting the armature recut and balanced to bring it back to like new condition. For more on choosing, buying, tuning, and racing electric rc cars, check out Radio Control Car Action, the world's best selling rc car magazine.

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